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I don’t see this decision as that controversial.

For so long the TBirds were criticised for not backing local talent. Now they are and that appears to be unpopular too.

There always comes a time when the coaching staff need to decide whether to hang on to a player at the end of their career or promote the young talent that may well win you the comp in a year or two.

Nankivell and Williams are the future of the TBirds midcourt so play them now. I have said many times that I don’t see the wrap on Petty but many do.

It may be and I think this is the most likely scenario that they want to develop Horjus in WA. WA is where she has played nationals for SA and national squads. That allows them to retain Glasgow and perhaps try and bring Allen home. I know Glasgow hasn’t had a great 2020 but is without a proper pre season and on the come back from an ACL. Just remember how good she was in 2019. TBirds don’t want to lose that. Give her a preseason and she will get back to that level.

With NVB in there they have the right person to guide their midcourt.

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