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I’m so conflicted about the Mi Mi situation. Agree it would have been lovely if the coaches had planned to have her come on towards the end of the game.

But really feel for Dunkley!! From what I saw Mi Mi was standing to sub in only because Dunkley was cramping, not because of the round. But then Dunkley was fine and stayed on – which any other week would have been no problem and I’m sure the fact it was indigenous round didn’t even cross her mind. She was playing WA against the team that never upgraded her from training partner and continually chose Honey over her and she was playing fantastic (much better than Honey). After years not getting on court I can see how that didn’t cross her mind – and I don’t think people should be bagging her online! I’m sure if she could go back she would do it differently but really don’t think people should be criticising her online, she didn’t snub Mi Mi

As to whether Mi Mi should have started, it would have been great but again, the best 7 should start.

Definitely a broader problem that there aren’t more indigenous players represented, but tbh netball as a whole suffers from lack of diversity and generally more privileged players make it to the higher levels. Listening to the commentary on Sports Sunday where they were grilling Cath Cox was frustrating as of course there is more representation in football because they have so much more money to invest than netball, and the football codes have been a professional sport for a lot longer. A lot of netballers can’t afford to pursue a sport that at training partner and ANL level requires professional hours but not the pay. In saying that would love to see more investment and representation – unsure what the solution is?