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Perhaps I’m just being pessimistic, but I really don’t see Anstiss being left out considering Marinkovic is coach, especially if Fever go on to make the final (and even win). The selectors generally look to reward players from winning teams (it’s the only reason I can see why Nevins made the Diamonds in 16/17).

Add in the fact that Moloney and Price seem to be more used in C now (and are highly rated), Parmenter and Simpson are the best performing WDs and Watson is pretty much the only WA who would see the court unless there was an injury. Proud doesn’t seem to be rated. Obviously all those WD options wouldn’t make the 12, but for me it feels like they’re more likely to go for a Watson/Hadley/Moloney/Price midcourt (plus a specialist WD if they take 5 midcourters) than the Watson/Proud/Hadley/Simpson midcourt I’d prefer. It seems even more probable they’d overload on WDs if Eddy doesn’t make the 12.

I personally don’t think we need that much WD backup, but it seems to be the position the selectors always talk a lot about, plus it’s an excuse that makes it easy to justify selecting players that seem to be quite hyped (like Price, Parmenter, Moloney and Anstiss).