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Congratulations to both on incredible careers with huge successes.

I half expected that this was Phillip’s last season, but thought Thwaites would go one or two more. However, this is the big chance for the Vixens to stamp their authority on the Final series and finish of the year with a big win for both players!!

As to replacements….. as Tully said they need to be GA first as MJ will be the GS. So not CBass or Stanton as they are really GS. I’d be surprised if Hodges was considered ahead of the talent which has leap frogged her. There must be a reason none of the NZ teams have re-signed her and Tbirds aren’t interested, which is a shame as she is clearly too good to “just” be playing SA premier league. It will be interesting to see, however I’d have thought just about every possible shooter would love to be coached by Simone & Sharelle!