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As a Vixens fan and also a Glasgow fan I would love it if they teamed up!

I don’t see Glasgow moving to Lightning. Why would you play behind Koenen and Wood when you could stay in Adelaide behind Horjus and Potgeiter? Surely she would move to a club with a clear starting 7 spot available. That would most likely be Vixens. Maybe Collingwood but then I don’t really think the Collingwood shooting circle was their issue this year and they also have Nyah Allen as a TP. Collingwood just need to fix their midcourt with returning players.

Anyway whoever Glasgow goes I hope it works out. She was outstanding in 2019 and if she returns to that form in 2021 will be in the Diamonds squad, especially if she plays more GA to round out her game (be a GA / GS swing). Now I hear the Vixens have an assistant coach that knows a thing or two about that position … :whistle:

I did hear the Vixens are signing one player from interstate and one local (which I posted either in this thread or the one about Thwaites / Philip’s retirement) so….

As for Garrett… I will be honest I never saw what those that hyped her a year or so back did but she is a good player. She didn’t really get a great opportunity this year but was great in their final game. I would take her over Lee-Jones if I was a selecter. Lee-Jones has a lot of work to do and is very flat footed and slow. To rejuvenate her career I would like to see Garrett move clubs.

Players can only sign letters of intent with clubs at the moment. Contracts can’t be signed until after the GF.

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