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Oh god! Thunderbirds are losing some quality players this year, but I’m actually excited for Glasgow, she’s a future Diamond and needs court time ASAP but might not get that behind Potgieter and Horjus.

I am worried though because Horjus is not at a consistent level yet and we need someone strong there that can play GA and I don’t know if Gooden is the answer there. Especially losing Pittman who had built somewhat of a connection with Horjus, that goal circle dynamic needs a strong WA and a strong GA. God what are Thunderbirds management doing, we lost Proud, Turner, Klau, Allen, and Glasgow in terms of home grown talent in the last few years…

Thunderbirds have been really poor in retaining players for quite a few years now, they seem to hang on to people they don’t need and drop players who are great for the roster and give limited opportunities to those who really deserve to be on court.