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I agree, preferably Glasgow would go to Vixens where she would have the amazing opportunity to work with Diamonds players in Watson and train against Mannix and Weston. But I don’t know what a Kumwenda abs Glasgow circle would look like, it could work but it may need a little more speed? Then again, Thwaites and Kumwenda was an amazing with a speedy Watson so maybe it would work.
At Collingwood she would still play with Browne and Braz and train against Mentor BUT Nelson is a very dominant shooter so I don’t know how that could work with Glasgow in there as she too is an amazing shooter and I don’t want to see her get game time at GA but not shoot. Again a moving circle would be more ideal, playing with Nelson does not provide that for her.

I can’t wait to hear about actual signings. One i really can’t wait any longer for is CBass.