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    I fear Glasgow will fall into a feeding role to Nelson. That worries me. I rate her so highly and Diamonds need her.

    I don’t rate Sinclair that highly either but Collingwood must do or else Nyah Allan (who I do rate highly) would have been given a legitimate opportunity. Very keen to see where Allan goes, depending on where that is I’d tip her to have a break out 2021.

    As much as I would play Glasgow over Nelson in GS I fear she will be at GA feeding Nelson. Yes, Kumwenda is a dominant GS but she works well with both Philip and Thwaites. Both of whom do not playing a predominant feeding role.

    Vixens have only really always had a speedy GA because they have been blessed with McMahon and Philip for the last however many years. Thwaites has shown the team can adapt.

    Once the signing period opens the announcements should come pretty fast. At the moment clubs can only resign existing players or their own TPs. Players can sign letters of intent only with other clubs.

    But when you think about it preseason will probably start in about two months already!! So majority of clubs (and players) know exactly what they want and are doing.

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