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Zara Collings
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I think Stanton could really develop in a different style of play, a rotating circle could really elevate her game.

For me, Gooden just isn’t quite there yet so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Horjus contracted instead. But with Pitman and Glasgow both leavint Tbirds, in theory there is a spot for both of them. I wonder though, whether Cobden will choose to come back to Tbirds as she was just names as a TP this year after her ACL. If not (I half want her to stay in England and join Rhinos) then surely Tbirds have a lot of spaces in their wider squad, especially if Hodges goes somewhere else to get more court time.

I do hope the Squad’s remain at 12 – with all the calls for imports to be reduced (which fundamentally I disagree with but that’s another matter), surely retaining the extend match day teams of 12 is the best way to continue to develop Aussie talent.