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Okay first time posting here but as a Tbirds supporter here are my thoughts…

Pitman: One semi-decent season does not make up for 3 painfully bad ones. Yes this has been her best season yet but her standard over the last few years has been below par and I am overall relieved to see her moved on.

Glasgow: I am sad to see her leave however she is just not a GA. So with Potgeiter back there it’s not an entirely bad blow for the Tbirds. Glasgow has potential oozing out of her but she needs to play GS as she does not have the speed or agility to play GA.

Obst moving forward clearly wants to move Horjus in to the WA role so that leaves us needing to sign a GA to support potgieter. I don’t think Allen is up to it just yet however with Bueta coming back I think the Tbirds would be wise to chase after Dwan. Her and potgieter could be a fabulous combo and it fills the gap of Glasgow leaving and horjus moving across.

GS Potgeiter
GA Dwan
WA Horjus
C Nankivell

That’s an attacking line up I’d be happy to see develop over a season or two!