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    I have no idea what has gone on at Firebirds, but I could see some other explanations too:
    – Jencke as a coach over the years has tended to make very few changes to her line up and often the bench would stay on the bench for most of the season, perhaps with one or two exceptions. I often thought this was to FB detriment, but she has also enjoyed a lot of success. This season has really forced something different with the condensed nature and the supershot, as well as the last few seasons the team not being successful.
    – I also seems plausible that behind the scenes Jencke being both mother and coach is difficult. IF (and I emphasise the IF) it is her decision to go, perhaps she feels it is time to give her daughter space, take away accusations of favouritism or something like that.
    – Perhaps there are personal circumstances that we are not aware of?

    Having said all of that listening in full to the Beryl Friday interview and then watching the Mi Mi debacle it sounds like the FB environment has been awful for indigenous players and as the coach she has to take responsibility.

    Also, I haven’t been following as closely this season as usual – what happened with Aiken and BLM?

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