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Actually the more I think about this the more surprised I am. Still think it’s great for Rav; wonder if she knew Jencke was leaving when she signed?

But the FBs finished the year so well and I expected very few changes. Now they will lose two of their midcourters. Probably Gardner and Mi Mi. Maybe Dunkley. But I can’t see her going back to Vixens. Yes she is great mates with many of them but she isn’t starting 7 there. Maybe Collingwood though? They have signed Jovic, Browne and Braz so Dunkley would round that out. Lightning and Thunderbirds will probably chase them as well.

Interesting, let’s sit back and see.

Players can’t sign contracts with other clubs yet only letters of intent. But maybe Rav slips through that rule as she wasn’t contracted to Collingwood in 2020??

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