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I read Caitlin Bassetts comments and I understand her problems and think at times she was hard done by. I think she has made the right move going to play for Magic. One paragraph she says she was used to full games and didn’t like the chopping and changing. She said she felt that if she made a mistake she would be taken off. Now you know how hard it was for Thwaites to sit on the bench and your coach not backing you no matter how well you play. Play the best week in week out you can help you play stronger, but sit on the bench you can loose confidence and it’s a mental hurdle. I can understand that and it would be hard but Thwaites did that 24/7 in the Australian team. Thwaites has learnt to adapt and be a true team player with good ethics. The pressure of not being on the court, sometimes showed its Thwaites game and I’m sure it hurts Caitlin Bassett. I hope she has fun at Magic and her game grows