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I think the McCollin signing is a really smart one. I thought she would perfectly complete the Vixens line up, but they really like to reward their pathway so it felt unlikely they’d go for two import shooters. She was great in NZL, was pretty unlucky that she had to play with five different inexperienced shooters and run the goal circle from GS for half the season. She’s a class above the available Australian GA options in my opinion. Allen really needs to work on her movement and playmaking skills if she wants to be a GA option, so I don’t think it’s the worst thing if she has to go back to a TP contract. I probably still would have taken her over Sinclair, but there are better shooters in Australia who may not get contracts.

Tough to see Gardner get dropped but it’s probably the right decision. Realistically, she’s the only one of the four signed midcourters who would stay in the Firebirds program without a contract. I would love to see her hop over to Lightning, maybe she will feel more comfortable doing so after everything that’s happened with Jencke.