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TB and NetballCrazy, I agree with both of you. DNT has always stuck with her standards so I don’t see her making an allowance for Nweke. Also the article says everyone who failed the first time was given a second chance, so I’m assuming it wasn’t just Jury and Nweke who were given this chance.

I’m really intrigued by the Dunn situation… are we to assume that she passed but didn’t play as well as the others?? even Mons (as TB has pointed out did not play any ANZ this season). I find that hard to believe, however, I do not believe DNT would drop her standards. so Mons must have played a blinder :yes: :yes:

Rore, out on medical advice interesting B-) and I must say I’m worried about Mes, is she still in rehab? how long has it been.