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Re Eddy, she is with a group of vixens players right now holidaying and in general, I don’t see her leaving. She seems happy.

Vixens have Kumwenda so I doubt they need Koenan. Having Thwaites and Kumwenda, both favoured at GS, in one team, was not a common thing but it worked when Thwaites was at GA. A circle of Koenan and Kumwenda just doesn’t make much sense to me and I don’t think it would be helpful to Koenan’s development as she would be getting much less court time. I think Vixens would be more likely to sign a Vic pathway player over Koenan.

It’s all been a little hush hush recently, I think we are going to be somewhat surprised with who the Vixens sign just because so many names have been thrown out there for their shooting end. Samason, McDonald, Hodges, Wood etc.