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Not sure what Lightning announcing Wood and Koenen has to do with Vixens plans? They were never leaving Sunshine Coast to move to Melbourne. I love Melbourne but now way I would move back there right now.

No one worth signing as a starting GA?

Fortunately for Australian netball Firebirds didn’t think that way with Dwan or TBirds with Horjus.

At some point you have to rebuild. Mannix and Weston were youngsters when McKinnis backed them. Now they are Diamonds. Same with Moloney and Watson.

I personally would love to see Samason get a contract. She didn’t win 2018 ANL player of the year for nothing. Pretty sure Garbin won it in 2017 and look at her now. Samason has been set back by her ACL which she did at Vixens training. Rehab was done through VIS. Dwan missed all of 2019 with a broken foot then had a cracker 2020 SSN season with an opportunity.

I also rate Nyah Allen very very highly. As a Vixens fan I’d be completely comfortable with her at GA.

Vixens are not replacing the primary goal scorer, the primary ball deliverer or even the main player off the CP. Those structures remain for the young player to fit into.

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