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With most experienced players now being signed, I think the Adelaide Thunderbirds 2021 squad is going to be very young. Rookies like Maisie Nankivell and Georgie Horjus were obviously standouts in 2020 but I think the Thunderbirds are now expecting too much from them in 2021.

Lisa Alexander mentioned in some podcasts that the standard of play this year was diluted, most likely due to the condensed season. This may have made rookie players like Horjus and Nankivell seem more capable at SSN level than they really are. Next year, teams will be back to playing at full intensity. There will also be plenty of footage on Nankivell and Horjus for other teams to scout, which means they’ll both have to evolve their game and overcome the 2nd Season Blues.

And they’ll also have to do all this without the support from more experienced players like Pitman and Shimmin. It’s a lot to handle. Back in your young guns but don’t push them straight into the deep end.