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What a joke the Thunderbirds organisation is. Why let Shimmin go if you weren’t 100% SURE that you would retain Guscoth because I am fairly sure Guscoth didn’t just decide to tell you that she wouldn’t be returning, with less than a week left of the contract period. This is horrible news, without a strong defence Thunderbirds won’t manage to turn over enough ball to even get close to breaking even the number of turnovers that their midcourt and attack will make. What a poor recruiting period. They managed to cut Shimmin and Pitman, lose Glasgow, and recruit Garrett and Gooden for two of those spots. Not looking good, Blackman is probably one the few options left for that last goal circle position as well.

(On a side note, sad to see Guscoth leave, she has been great and it looks like she might not play at all next season)