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A little surprised by the Vixens shooters although I shouldn’t be as it is exactly what they said they would do! Rapt the Vixens signed Barkmeyer and whilst not my first choice Stanton makes sense.

Somewhat surprised they went for Barkmeyer over McDonald given they took McDonald to the hub. But perhaps McDonald’s future is more in the WA role as she is a beautiful playmaker but needs to work to keep her volume up. In contrast Barkmeyer has a great shot and is a volume shooter. I know Barkmeyer is rated very highly but I didn’t really expect her to get a contract at 19. None the less I trust McMahon to pick the GA she wants to work with! Another result for Geelong Grammar (Barkmeyer boarded there and is from Bendigo).

Looks like Samason will be a TP for a year which is not a bad move given that she hasn’t been able to play post ACL due to covid. There will be an opportunity for her at some point but for McDonald she may need to look elsewhere or to WA. But of course Watson is there at WA and blocked Dunkley and E McDonald and with the likes of Cransberg / Mundy / Leydin coming through that might not be an opportunity either.

As for Stanton I will keep an open mind. I have said before in here that I think she gets a bad wrap some times unfairly. I much prefer this to another import! She has performed well in the past. It does give them a bit more height and she has experience. Maybe this move will refresh her and training under McKinnis and McMahon is what she needs? Stanton and Watson are great mates so maybe that will translate on to an on court partnership providing Stanton a much needed confidence boost? Of course it’s only a year contract so if she doesn’t progress they can change for 2022 by which time Barkmeyer will have more experience. It was interesting to look at the super shot stats for this year. Stanton was at 52% which is comparable to Dwan and Housby at 53% (yes volume is different) and better than ATN, Glasgow, Gooden and Nyah Allen who were in the 40s. Stanton is definitely good enough for a SSN contract and as a Vixens fan whilst she wouldn’t have been my first choice I will get behind her. Some social media comments are very disappointing.

Thwaites and Philip are massive shoes to fill. No one can do that. But neither was the volume shooter or primary ball deliverer so in that respect structures remain. That gives Barkmeyer and Stanton licence to bring their own game to the court.

Wondering where this leaves Smith? She hasn’t signed elsewhere as yet. Neither Barkmeyer or Stanton are WA backups. So the last signing probably needs to play WA? Unless Vixens know game day squads are 12 and they can have young players like Cransberg or Mundy on the bench? Or they’d just switch Moloney there and play Smith in C? All will be revealed eventually.