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Wowee I know I shouldn’t read social media but just wowee some of the appalling comments on the Stanton and to a lesser extent Barkmeyer signings! Some comments are downright disgusting.

McKinnis just coached the Vixens to the title and McMahon is the best GA well ever so it is fair to say they know a thing or two.

A lot of people seem to think Sacha McDonald should have got a contract. I’d like to know how many of them have actually seen her play? Stanton is a better player right now. I like Sacha McDonald as a player and expected her to get a contract but mainly as she can swing across to WA as I thought that would allow them to sign Smith. In hindsight the fact they never used her there even with Watson injured should have given it away to me that Vixens weren’t looking at that. But I will admit I was nervous about her shooting. McDonald is a feeding / play making GA. If you look at the 2019 ANL final she fed Ryde superbly but didn’t shoot a lot. Contrast that to Dwyer for the Waratahs who from memory shot something like 30 odd goals. With Watson in WA the Vixens don’t need a feeder but someone to push into the circle, take the drives, put shots up and take defensive attention off MJ. I am sure McDonald received feedback and unless she wants to change clubs will most likely have a TP spot. Will be interesting to see if Samason and Palavi also push for one.

I’d like to point out whilst Vixens predominantly sign Victorians they have signed players from interstate before when they have needed experience in certain positions. Watts, Dziwoki, Cox, Fellowes etc. Barkmeyer is a young Victorian so that is supporting their pathways right there. Depending on the last signing they should have 7 of their 10 as from
Victoria. What other club has so much home grown talent? Lightning have 6 QLDers I think and Giants have 9 from NSW. Awesome
Work Giants!!