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I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really expect that.

The signing of Stanton just screams ‘tried to sign a better shooter and failed’ (perhaps one of the Lightning shooters or Glasgow?) just because of how late Fever announced that they were dropping her.

It’s a smart move for her though, she’ll have the chance to rejuvenate her game and gain her confidence. However after looking on Insta and Twitter, I feel sorry for her. Some of the comments are terrible and no one should have to read that.

I haven’t heard much about Barkmeyer but at least they’ve got one VIC shooter.

As for McDonald, they could still sign her as a WA/GA slide. She’s more of a feeding GA and could slot into WA quite nicely. Tbh they don’t really need Smith yet as they have Eddy, Weston and Moloney who can cover WD.