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I doubt the Vixens were ever trying to sign Wood or Koenen. I would say that was dreamt up on social media probably by the so called fans that are now trashing Stanton and Barkmeyer.

Let’s not forgwt the players that weren’t getting on court in the hubs played scratch matches together / against each other. I have no doubt that helped Newton get a spot at Collingwood. So McDonald had these games and also the pre season games in NZ to press her case not just to Vixens but other clubs. But yes exactly I agree McDonald could still be the 10th player.

I don’t think Vixens look at Moloney as a WD anymore. In their eyes she has well and truly transitioned back to C (it was C that of course she played in the junior pathways).

I am very intrigued to see who gets the final contract. If they want a WA it might be Cransberg or Mundy. I don’t think it will be Honey and if they see McDonald as a WA then I think they would have used her there to cover Watson (just my opinion).

I have no doubt other clubs would have wanted Smith but seeing as she hasn’t gone anywhere yet I think it might be her at Vixens.