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Great to see all signings are locked in!

Don’t know anything about Latanya Wilson but I would think Tania Obst knows a bit about her having coached against her at the WYC. She could be another exciting defender like Jodi-Anne Ward.

As for the young local talent who have missed out (Orr, Allen, Blackman, Honey…the list goes on), at the end of the day this is a professional league and not a league to develop young talent. Some of these young players were given opportunities to train/play in the professional environments this year (and last) and obviously haven’t shown enough yet to warrant a contract for next year. Hopefully they will get TP roles at clubs to continue their development.

NB: I’m a real fan of Nyah Allen and was hoping Vixens would sign her instead of Stanton but obviously Vixens decided they needed experience in that end of the court.

Looking forward to a shorter pre-season and an earlier start to the 2021 season! :yahoo: