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Who exactly would you want to see though? Blackman? O’Shannassy (who I think still has mono)?

ANZP’s prime focus is to develop Kiwi talent, not to provide them with a competitive professional league. The pay gap between Australia and NZL is large and will only grow, and SSN is the league that contributes to world netball. There’s a reason the Kiwi imports to SSN have been their best Ferns player and Australian imports to ANZP have been players who can’t get contracts (with the exception of CBass). If Australian girls want SSN contracts they need to fight for them.

The only teams that have more than two imports are Swifts, Lightning, Collingwood and T’Birds. I doubt Lightning and Swifts will keep their third imports (Haythornthwaite and Proscovia) much longer and Collingwood and T’Birds are obviously the two weakest teams in the competition. There just aren’t that many Australian players who have proven they deserve contracts and haven’t gotten them because there’s an import in the way. Wallam is the only one I can really think of.