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I have a theory as to why the Tbirds signed Latanya Wilson. They obviously has someone in mind when they let Shimmin go, and I don’t think it would’ve been Garrett because I don’t think she was aware at that point she wouldn’t be recieving a contract at Magpies. Anyway, I reckon Sterling might have asked Obst about bringing in another Jamacian into the team. She has mentioned many times over the last couple of years that she is very homesick, and has a couple of bad experiences here in Australia with some people being racist towards her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sterling only agreed to continuing playing for Tbirds if Obst brought in another Jamaican, particularly since Guscoth was leaving and Sterling seemed the closest with her. Otherwise, I really don’t understand her signing. I’m all for imports in the SSN, and am really exciting that Wilson will get an oppurtunity. But there are simply better options for the Tbirds out there, including Shimmin who they let go, which is why I think there is more to her signing then we may think.