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Allen was at the Melbourne U 21 Aussies camp. As a Collingwood TP she would have played for Tassie Magpies had there been an ANL. Being aligned to Collingwood Allen would never integrate to the NV Pathway that’s Vixens. Vixens TP are VIS scholarship holders which is a definite advantage they hold but insaying that Allen went to the hub with Collingwood this year.

I agree with Alex I would have selected Allen over Stower. In saying this she has obviously been given a second chance as an invitee. But it would indicate she isn’t one of the favourites for selection.

Alex, good pickup I had missed Gardner! Surely she would have been able to attend the Sunshine Coast camp with Byrne so perhaps didn’t perform?

I also like your 12. I too am stuck on the 4th defender. I might be inclined to just go with 3 circle defenders knowing that Smith is likely to be the WD but could cover GD if needed. Orr could cover WD in the pool matches to rest Smith.

The selectors have agreed with Vixens going for Barkmeyer and not Sacha McDonald. That will upset a lot on Twitter :whistle: Note I like McDonald but I do believe her future is at WA unless she dramatically increases volume (and maintains a high accuracy at the same time).

WYC selection is always interesting when people haven’t seen players play. I remember when Geitz was plucked from ‘obscurity’ and put on an AIS contract mid year and joined Darters. So many fans were annoyed believing it was Emma Koster’s bib and I remember saying just wait till you see her play she is a gun. Well as they say the rest is history on that front.