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I like this thread 👍 I have a few 😂

1) Katrina Rore (negative to positive)
Whenever the Ferns team was named, I always thought Katrina didn’t need to be there. My choices were always Kopua LDB Harrison and generally I would have liked Cullen/Scanlan or Henry. However in 2019 she showed so much character, fight and determination to work her way back into the team. And then to learn a new position, WD, and really make it her own – which scored her a WC and SSN cup – was amazing. She has become a real favourite of mine now!

2) Robyn Broughton (positive-negative-positive)
Thought she was an amazing coach in the NBC. She was clever to bring in Donna Loffhagen, and keep her. I felt Loffhagen was one of the hardest players to shut down in the NBC. Teams figured out early how to shut IVD down, but there was no-one in NZ who could really shut Loffhagen down.
Broughton was a bit ahead of her time, as she always spoke about possession. The Sting rarely gave up possession, they were generally very safe. That’s one thing you see clearly the Ferns didn’t do from 1992 through til IVD made her appearance. Their turnover rate was ridiculous.
The ANZC exposed Broughtons weakness as a coach. It looked like she didn’t have much to offer in the team huddles. I remember Liz Ellis calling her out on it, in commentary.
However looking at the game now, possession is still a big thing in netball. So I’ve come to appreciate Broughtons “possession game”.

3) Ruth Aitken (positive-negative-positive)
This is a hard one, as I really liked her as the Ferns coach. However her team selection for the 2007 WC, but more importantly, the positions she played them in, was NEVER going to win them the cup. If Plummer didn’t make all those weird changes in the final, the Diamonds would have easily beaten us by 10+ goals. Her refusal of taking Harrison and Temepara George back, I think really worked against her.
The 2010 CWG will always stand as one of the best games in netball (I guess it would be if you’re a kiwi 😁). She out-coached Plummer in that game!

There are a few more, but these are probably my top atm.