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    It is interesting to see this quote from Marinkovich

    “These actions, and their outcomes, are unacceptable. Those responsible for the actions that led to the breaches are no longer associated with West Coast Fever or with Netball WA in any way. We will not name and shame those responsible. To do so would not serve the best interests of our Club, our members and fans or the sport, and we stand by this decision”

    It is of interest for the sport and fans, for building trust in the integrity of the highest competition in Australia. The regret for taking these actions seems to be mixed up in the discussion/ perception about the salary cap being an administrative detail that the clubs can work around. Would have been really interesting how the statements would have gone if Fever had won, using this scheme to go around the rules, which they totally intended to do. I do wonder about the governance of the club that is unable to describe how this happened, how the players were individually offered side conditions along with the contract that the coach and other senior staff did not know about. What has changed? How does the SNL hold credibility of a well governed competition after 2 breaches, this one ‘more serious’ than the 2019 Thunderbirds one?

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