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    so good to have netty back. I’ve just sorted out a VPN so have only watched the Dragons v Rhinos game so far.

    Jinixibo thanks for all the great commentary on the games. One point to make on this comment:

    “Walliams didn’t look out of place and she ran down lots of ball. She’s not polished enough to be a diamond.
    Can’t help but wonder if she looked settled because Lee-Jones was so ineffective. Have to admit I’ve seen her in SSN and expected more”.

    Wallam has only been playing netball for a couple of years so has huge Diamond’s potential. Not just yet but in a few years I think we will see her in the team. I would expect huge improvement in the couple of seasons. She was only a training partner for West Coast Fever last year and hasn’t played any SSN games so I’m not sure where you have seen her. She is very much an unknown even in Australia (but not for long LOL).

    Agree with ALJ. She has been lucky to be in SSN teams but hasn’t really done much at all in her few appearances in games. If Noeline couldn’t improve her then I don’t know who can.

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