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    As a diamonds fan,
    Positives are:
    Austin and Koenan are new to this level, relatively new to the zone and new as a combination this will be a good learning experience. Austin will work on accuracy and TOs and fitness. Koenan will look at staying in games for the full 60 and adding more tricks to her game.

    We got to see Bruce and Klau establishing a combination

    Watson is a terrific captain and she mainly got played at WA where we could see her step up and dominate

    WD isn’t our problem position for a change :unsure:

    The Ferns have broke the winning streak however a strong Ferns side is good for Australia and makes the series interesting. The Ferns had to lose at the beginning of their new era in order to build.

    Negatives are:
    I’m not sold on Stacey as a coach, her changes often didn’t make sense to me. Im not sure what we’re building towards given we’re not trialling things as much as most people wouldve liked. The thing I like about coaches like Noeline and Briony is they sense moments in a game that are going to matter and they add their voice rather than sitting expressionless on the sideline. They let their teams have leaders and then they step up and coach through those key moments to pump their side with confidence and then allow them to identify those moments themselves.

    We didn’t get to see Jenner, Proud or Hadley who after the first two games were the players I wouldve liked to see. I also thought Bruce back to GK and Weston to GD couldve worked given they know each other a bit better. Just to see what impact it had and free up WD for Moloney. A pre-emptive change at half time with Basset to GS and JLP to C might’ve helped Austin stay in the game and if not then bring Koenan on in GA where she did quite well.

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