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    @Tully I think Williams is honestly such a great product of the SA pathway, I’m not entirely sure why they didn’t offer her a contract but I think they were a little hesitant to take that jump. After all, they were replacing Pitman and were hoping for proof that the player they brought in had some experience even if it’s just a little more than what Williams brought to the table.

    Nankivell is only 21 and while I think she is captain material, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in an alternative leadership position this year before eventually being promoted. But with Petty
    Pretty much becoming a bench player, it wouldn’t be ludicrous to see a change in that captain position. Maybe they will
    announce co-captains?

    I’m a bit underwhelmed so far by what I’ve hear about Wilson’s play, hopefully singing her over Blackman wasn’t a mistake.

    If game day squads aren’t 12, I’ll be sorely disappointed. I think it’s safer to have 12 in case of injuries and it simply makes the games more interesting to see coaches tinker with their lineups.

    If bonus points return I think I’ll cry.

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