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    @Mcleod, whatta yer mean Fisher only shoots from close !! Have a look at her in the last 5 fast series. The Roses were rubbish but her shooting was good. You are right about her position the Roses squad though. ;-)

    IMO her mistake was moving to Wasps with Greenway. She sat on the bench for 2 sessions behind Dunn (who is also a long range shooter who now only shoots under the post). Fisher can play GA and now that she’s fitter I’d like to see her out there. Also she’s picked up the habit of taking a step forward. Another thing she didn’t do before joining Wasps! B-)

    Fisher needs a team that’s built around her. Usually she’s seen as a tall shooter and expected to hold but she likes to pop forward. She does it when she plays for the Roses but doesn’t always get the ball. She did it during the Mystics game too. If she can get the timing right with the Steel middies if could be lethal.

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