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    Gary Burgess would be excellent to have over here. Such a good umpire.

    Dare I say it, Jono wouldn’t put up with that nonsense either. ūüėā

    Dunn is excelling this year I think. It could be her time to shine. Now is the best time to put your foot forward towards CWGs. Here’s hoping she’s up for it this year. Because she was so steady for Pulse without Eke.

    Gordon was wreck less in WD. Then the move to WA was really hard for her to adjust. In all honesty, I think she’s stronger at WA with Souness in GA. Jury had a fabulous game. That wing span is a nightmare!

    That was a bit of a train wreck from Magic. Hopefully they got their worst game behind them. Now to play harder and consistent.

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