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    Vixens will be stoked if the young midcourter they bring through is good enough to attract interstate offers. That will mean they are in finals. There are a lot of young midcourters out there that would be rated higher (or in some cases equal) Williams, Orr, Miller, Leesa Mi Mi, Gardner. Jovic may get less court time this year at Collingwood and look to move. Fraser has been very patient at Swifts playing behind a stacked midcourt knowing she is young and her time will come. Mundy could do the same. Let’s not forget Shelley O’Donnell bleeds navy. It was O’Donnell that met with Corletto way back in the day to convince her to reneg on her proposed TBirds move at the start of ANZC and stay the course with Vixens (having previously switched from Phoenix to O’Donnell’s Kestrels). Elle McDonald moved this year yes but she is 27 this year and not a typical product of the NV pathway like Mundy or Honey.

    If Mundy comes through they drop Dehaney and retain Mundy to rebalance the 10. Liz is 27. Moloney and 28.

    After their last title they went through a rebuilding phase. Weston and Mannix came in (yes Weston was in the premiership team but on the bench) whilst Watson and Moloney stepped up from being the younguns to the leaders. ATN, Ryde and Chloe Watson left for various reasons. But they retained those that became Diamonds and the core of their 2020 premiership (on a different note I fully expect them to make a play to get ATN back home in 2022). McKinnis has rebuilt the Vixens before by developing and retaining Victorian talent. I’ll back her to do that again.

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