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    Dehaney is unreal. Her best game by a long way.

    Vixens need a change in WA. 4 goal assists is not enough. In saying this Mundy will grow from this year and is already looking better than she did in preseason.

    Moloney is proving a lot of critics wrong today. Stepping up. Play all year like this and she is the Diamond C.

    Barkmeyer will be the starting GA by the end of the year. She does need to keep her shooting volume up though. Such a massive step up from any level she has played at before.

    Fever do need to develop an alternative midcourt option so I do understand why they made a change at half time. I’m just not sure Anstiss in C is the answer. Why not try ATN in WA now that Glasgow is on and push Charles and Anstiss back up court.

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