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    Fitness won that game and I don’t ever recall a fit Mystics team in the past. From Sulu to Nweke they look good. But I will say maintaining that momentum is another story. I know Mystics are reknown for being their own worst enemy lol

    I’m not sure what happened in that 3rd quarter, but the errors from Pulse were scattered throughout the court. Suddenly Mystics were calm and dogged on defence. I still think Parata isn’t using the best and fittest players to do the job. Tibble looked breathless and I knew it would catch them out one day. It could be a long season for them.

    Judging from the shooters so far. I too think Hume will get the final spot. Its funny I was watching some old Ferns games and the way the Silverferns played back then, is exactly how they play now. The moving circle very evident in the 80s, 90s. Noeline is staying pure to that style and why not.

    So no to Grace Nweke yet. Two more seasons and see how good she is then. She should be primed by 2023.

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