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Assuming they all want to stay I think Vixens will keep the status quo defensively. I expect they will want ATN. ATN can cover WA so a midcourt of Moloney, Watson, Smith and ATN to slide over provides cover. ATN and Barkmeyer to share the GA. Smith is showing enough in C for me for that to continue. Reminds me of Chokljat.

I agree Barkmeyer has been promoted too soon. When you consider that she hasn’t played VNL championship division and only a couple of ANL games she is doing very well to fit in. In hindsight I think McKinnis left her off for so long today to protect her. But she is there now and their best GA option. Give her the court time to grow.

I’d like to see Vixens bring Samason in to the 10 next week for Stanton. Yes she is more of a GA than a GS but she is a confident shooter and that’s what the Vixens need. A few years ago McDonald had all the promise but she has regressed. A great play maker but not a high volume shooter. Can cover WA though so maybe they should look to her.

Tayla Honey deserves a chance in the 10.