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I don’t want to pre-emptively demote two amazing players (and Diamonds representatives at that), but I don’t think it will be long before the best backline for the Vixens is Smith/Eddy/Dehaney, at least based off current performances. I would already be switching Eddy and Weston, plus giving Dehaney the start.

I would also give Samason and Honey a go in the ten. I mean what exactly is there to lose?

I don’t think ATN is really a GA at SSN level unless she’s feeding a 60+ goal a game GS. Vixens would be better to go for an Import or for a different interstate player (say Gooden, Garbin, Letherbarrow etc.). It may seem harsh but I just don’t think in twelve months time ATN will offer any more at GA than Barkmeyer and Samason will.