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As for Vixens not doing enough for succession planning post Thwaites and Philip. I agree. However, covid didn’t help. Barkmeyer was a TP that didn’t go to the hub. Due to covid she was training in her backyard in Bendigo with her dad and brother rather than playing VNL (cancelled) and ANL. Perhaps Vixens regret not taking her over McDonald to the hub. McDonald went to the hub and has since fallen somewhat out of favour. McDobald also missed out on the final WYC squad selection where Barkmeyer made it. Samason has only returned to playing this year in VNL. She was ready last year but had no VNl or ANL to play. They should be converting Samason to a GA IMO. Get her in the 10 now.

I’m actually just not sure Victoria have the shooters coming through more broadly. Caris is a good young GS who will probably play for Fury this year after playing AFLW. Uneeq Palavi as well but again a GS. Jane Cook is still playing VNL but again a GS. Emily Andrew and McDonald will probably be the Fury GAs.

ATN is the best GA from Victoria in the last 10 years or so (post Philip). Obviously she has had huge issues.

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