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Ian Harkin
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Here we are going to have a look at some stats relating to penalties in Super Netball so far this year. Again, it’s still early days, only four games, but not too early to see a trend…

Firstly we have the average number of penalties conceded per team per match.

Average pens Rd1-4 2021:
49.00 Swifts
50.25 Lightning
53.50 Giants
54.25 Magpies
54.75 Fever
55.75 Thunderbirds
60.50 Vixens
64.25 Firebirds

Firebirds really need to fix that!

There is certainly a trend for SSN teams to concede more penalties late. For 3 teams (Lightning, Thunderbirds & Giants) Qtr 1 is their best and Qtr 4 their worst. Fever bucks the trend. They’ve been heavily penalised in the 1st half of matches and improved greatly in the 2nd.

Finally, we move on to the average number of penalties conceded in total (by both teams) in each quarter. And yes, the last quarter when the pressure is on, is the biggest one.

Ave pens per Q Rd1-4 2021:
1st Q – 25.8
2nd Q – 27.6
3rd Q – 26.8
4th Q – 29.1