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    I think if the thunderbirds can find a dominant GS the team they have may be capable of greater things. The defence end is fantastic and gives the attack end plenty of supply. But they absolutely breakdown when it gets in to the goal third and the lack of connection Potgeiter has with literally everyone else on court is very apparent. As much as I see Lucy Austin as the future it really depends on whether netball SA want to look for a long term rebuild (Austin is at least 3-5 years from being dominant)… or do they look for a quick fix and try and sign a ready-made GS and think they can challenge for a premiership with the rest of the line up.

    If they go the Austin route I really think it needs to be a complete overhaul and a solid investment in young local talent. Get rid of Potgeiter, McDonald, Wilson, Shadine, Petty (has had many years in the system for very little growth)… bring in Austin, Orr, Williams, Dent.. fight to try to get any/all of the Proud/Turner/Klau trio back to balance out the experience. Sterling is the only import whom consistently absolutely owns her spot and deserves it over any up and coming junior.

    Imagine this in 2-3 years time:

    GS Austin
    GA Horjus
    WA Nankivel
    C Proud
    WD Turner or Williams
    GD Klau or Garrett
    GK Sterling

    …… if only dreams came true 😂

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