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    Looks like Wallam is going to be out for Rhinos for finals, she just posted on her Instagram stories that Sydney is going to be her home for the next fortnight. A real shame given she has only missed finals weekend by a few days, but good to see Rhinos fully supporting her during this difficult emotional time with her nan’s passing. Assuming everything works out with Madi Browne coming over next year and Wallam keeps to her 2 year contract (wouldn’t be surprised if one of the SSN teams tried to poach her in the free contracting period), I expect we’ll see Rhinos back in the top 4 again next season anyway.

    Big ask for Rushton to come back into starting 7 after several weeks benchwarming/Rhinos not being able to play, particularly with Lightning’s current momentum. But as many players have said Finals mentality is a whole different ballpark!

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