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With respect to CBass, I think many shooters would struggle at Magic at the moment. They often turn the ball over before it gets near the circle, or have such a difficult approach that by the time they are in a position to deliver the ball to the circle there is so much pressure. Their starts certainly don’t help things.
CBass definitely isn’t performing at her best, but as others have pointed out some of the feeds are pretty awful and then when she is on, they often don’t let the ball go. Then she will often come off the hold a bit too early, it just seems like it hasn’t clicked.
If CBass can be fully fit and healthy again I think she has more to give, before she had that forearm injury she was playing great netball and had added a lot to her game.
In Con Cup I think she wasn’t given much opportunity outside of the first match and had limited court time in SSN that year. She was brought on so late in the subsequent games and I can’t imagine that strange captaincy stuff did anything to add to her confidence.
Magic have also been quite unfortunate to have Kara in and out with injury so probably not able to settle as a combo in match play so well.
Like others here, I am not sold on Metcalfe – for whatever reason is hasn’t seemed to be working at Magic for a few years and you start to wonder about the coach. Then again Helene Wilson looks like she is finally having a good year – so what do I know!