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It just shows how hard it is to build a winning culture, especially when you have so many players who are not used to winning consistently. There are no players in the T’Birds team who have played for Australia. There are no players who have ever played a finals match. The imports are from RSA and Jamaica, who haven’t made any GFs at the biggest International events. Obst has never won any big competition as a coach.

This isn’t to say that the T’Birds don’t have talent, they have a lot of talent actually. But I think a lot of the players have grown up with the expectation of having good games and bad games, and don’t necessarily expect to win all the time. The winning (or at least grand final) experience of Housby, Hadley, Haythornthwaite, Rore and Turner was really important to the Swifts’ success in 2019, and it’s proving hard for the T’Birds to develop that innate confidence to win consistently.