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    This from the Vixens

    <<The Melbourne Vixens’ round 8 game against West Coast Fever in Perth will not go ahead this Sunday, after the team did not receive exemption to enter Western Australia.

    The Vixens were due to leave their Queensland hub on Friday morning for their game at RAC Arena on Sunday, however due to border restrictions in Western Australia, the Vixens will remain in Queensland until fully cleared.

    The team travelled to Sydney for their round 7 match against Collingwood, with three players visiting northern New South Wales over the bye round last weekend, before returning to the Queensland hub on Monday. Despite players and staff not visiting any exposure site or being a close contact, the changing border restrictions into Western Australia now stipulate that any travel from NSW in the last 14 days is a risk.

    The club has worked closely with and been supported by the league, Netball Australia and the Players’ Association throughout the decision-making processes across the last month that has seen the Vixens, Collingwood, Swifts and Giants all relocate to Queensland, with the safety and wellbeing of all players and staff the priority, with the aim to continue the season as closely aligned to the fixture as possible.>>

    Earlier it was mentioned that only the three players who went to Byron Bay were not allowed to go to WA, and there’s been a lot of talk since that they could get replacement players – Samason (in QLD already) and two who are in Melbourne.

    If there’s another reason – Vixens played in Sydney within WA’s 14 day restriction – how does that work? Surely all the team – players, coaches etc etc should have also been NOT allowed.

    Very confusing and disappointing and Fever should hang their heads in shame for not being compromising.

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