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    TB – I’d love the answers to your questions too.

    Latu Meafou is played for Tigers in the 2021 Hart Sapphire Series which I believe was in Queensland. I think it has now finished for this season.

    Fakahokotau – I know she was still working on her ACL recovery earlier this year but I suspect returning to live in or near Auckland has not been helpful to her. Moving well away from home and family responsibilities was the best thing she could have done to grow her career. However with Covid and travel restrictions it is hard on anyone to not be near family.

    Semple – With Covid causing her return to NZ she went looking to join a franchise and I think she was quite surprised. She did do preseason and there is an article that says Semple has noticed a definite step up in intensity in New Zealand.

    “It’s a way bigger step up over here, even the pre-season I just went through was way harder, it’s the hardest I’ve ever been through. I think it’s a bigger step up because there’s not just a starting seven in every team, everyone’s fighting for a spot, it can change any week. And it’s more physical as well definitely.”

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