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@jinxibo I disagree about attracting players. Even in their current team, they have some big name players. Could argue they have the most big names, compared to others.
I do feel @NZChampion is right, they have a very unfit team, whether that be conditioning or injuries.
If they had all players running fit, I think they’d be able to handle there injured players better. Eg Semple’s lack of fitness (don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful player), would not help an (niggly)injured CBass and a young inexperienced WA.

I think Metcalfe, unfortunately, has to take a lot of the blame for this. Loved her as a player, doesn’t cut it as a coach.

For the next game, I would like to see her run her fittest starting 7 –
Kolise (Kara if she’s available)

I don’t think they have lost by big margins when Kara has played. So I do feel she’s very important to this side.