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    No you haven’t missed anything there has been a lot of talk about the unfairness of crowds at sporting events recently.

    Officially here in the UK we are still under lockdown restrictions, not fully, but we’re due to have all restrictions stopped on 19 July.

    There were are a few sporting venues and festivals that have been allowed to take place, without the need to social distancing and wear face masks. These are part of a government trial. Attendees need to abide by whatever rules are set for the event, such as a negative flow 24hrs before attending and on the day. Some festivals have confined the attendees to a big bubble. So once on site you can’t leave for 2 or 3 days. You have to camp overnight, no hotels, and take a test before you leave and 5 days afterward.

    We’re in the middle of the International European football competition at the moment. Wembley is hosting some of the matches and initially they only had around 20,000 fans (i think) but now they have upped it to 60,000. Whilst the international rugby stadium was less than half full and most of our theatres are closed. Not to mention the covid rate in London is raising :scratch:

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