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@Jinxibo You have to remember that all teams play under a salary cap so if you aren’t getting paid what you think you are worth then it makes sense to move to another franchise. Grace Namana is also from the Waikato region so I’d be putting the feelers out if I were the Magic.

Bassett has been a waste of money and she’s obviously playing injured but it’s not doing anyone any favours. Semple has no desire to make it any higher otherwise she would have lost more weight or even come into the season in shape but she hasn’t. I wouldn’t be offering her a contract next year. Last season and even at the beginning of the season Namana was a bigger girl who could move well for her size, she has lost a lot of weight over the course of the season and it really showed last night. I thought she was outstanding.

People bagging Temalisi saying she should retire, seriously? She is out of shape and strapped up like a mummy every game but if you look back at Sulu 4 years ago she was in the exact same spot, injured, overweight and close to quitting netball and look at her now. Tem just needs time to let the body heal and then train hard to get back to the shape she was when she first played for the Tactix.

I did think the Magic would have taken that game out though with Fisher being out.